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drone advert

We have used drones for photography for a number of years but we saw a niche and potentially unique market for them. In the summer of 2016 we became the 1st and the only company to have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to fly banners for advertising under drones. This has taken 2 years working with our small team, the aviation authorities and insurers to get this 'up in the air'.

The sky really is the limit! We can fly at most outdoor events in daylight or with the banners lit up at night within our permissions.

drone advert

The drones are bespoke for this purpose as are the banners. There are a number of inbuilt safety mechanisms and they are also attached to a thin very strong line so remain invisibly anchored. Safety is a key priority as well as getting the message across.

We feel there is a huge interest in these machines at the moment. If they are used as a visual aid to deliver a message to crowds of people then it will hard for the message not to be noticed.

We are open to all sorts of ideas and have already had some very interesting requests. Sports events, music, shows, racecourses and exhibition venues are all ideal places to attract the crowd with your unique message.

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Please call or email and we can discuss how we could make this work for you. The same machines and pilots are available to help with photography and filming. Please just get in touch.

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